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General comments on the translations

Here you can find the German translation of English manuals from various virtual instrument vendors. Please send me any mistakes or unfortunate formulations (and suggestions for improvement). I will correct it and put the new version back here.

I didn't translate word by word, but I kept pretty much to the original. Sometimes it was not possible to translate it as it was written there. I then translated it according to the meaning. I tried to unravel long sentences in the original to make it more readable.

I translated the manuals, because then I am forced to read sentence by sentence. That increased my understanding for the instruments/software then nevertheless substantially. I discovered a lot of things I didn't know until now, although I've been using the instruments/software for a long time.

I will translate here, as always with my translations, only the manuals, of which I also pwn a license. If there is a need for translating more manuals, please contact the manufacturer. If a manufacturer gives me an unlimited license of additional or other instruments, I will also translate these manuals.

If the respective manufacturer does not like that I post the German translations here, please send me an e-mail and the respective German manuals will disappear here immediately.


Hybrid Tools Vol 1 Download
Rhythmic Aura Vol 2 Download


The German manuals for audiobro products are available exclusively from audiobro.

Please contact audiobro directly for the German manuals.

Best Service

Akkordeons Download
Altus, The Voice of Renaissance Download
Chris Hein Horns Pro Download
Chris Hein Brass Compact Download
Chris Hein Orchestral Brass Download
Chris Hein Solo Strings Download
Chris Hein Solo Violin Download
Chris Hein Strings Compact Download
Chris Hein Winds Compact Download
Cinematic Instruments 2 Download
Emotional Cello Download
Epic World Download
Era 2 Medieval Legende Limited Edition Download
Gu Zheng Download
Klanghaus Download
Poetic Guitar Download
Sonuscore Trinity Drums Download


CineOrch Musik Referenz Download
CineOrch Benutzerhandbuch Download


StepicVST Download
StepicVST Release Notes 1.1 Download


Title Version
HND (Hauptnavigationsdokument) Download 05. August 2012
PLAY Schnell├╝bersicht Download 24. July 2010
PLAY FAQ Download 28. January 2012
PLAY 1.x Download 11. November 2010
PLAY 2.x Download 02. January 2011
PLAY 3.x Download 28. January 2012
PLAY 4.x Download 04. October 2013
PLAY 6.x Download 23. May 2021
Fab Four Download 02. January 2011
Goliath Download 11. November 2010
Gypsy Download 11. November 2010
Hollywood Backup Singers Download 23. May 2021
Hollywood Brass Download 02. February 2012
Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra updated Download 23. May 2023
Hollywood Harp Download 23. May 2021
Hollywood Orchestral Opus Edition Download 27. May 2021
Hollywood Orchestral Percussion Diamond Edition Download 09. October 2014
Hollywood Orchestral Percussion Gold Edition Download 09. October 2014
Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Diamond Edition Download 05. August 2012
Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Gold Edition Download 05. August 2012
Hollywood Pop Brass Download 23. May 2021
Hollywood Solo Cello Download 23. May 2021
Hollywood Solo Violin Download 23. May 2021
Hollywood Strings Diamond Edition Download 30. January 2012
Hollywood Strings Gold Edition Download 30. January 2012
Ministry of Rock Download 11. November 2010
Ministry of Rock 2 Download 02. January 2011
Opus Download 10. April 2023
Pianos Download 11. November 2010
QL Solo Violin Download 02. February 2012
QL SPACES Convolution Reverb Download 28. February 2012
EW SPACES 2 Convolution Reverb Download 23. May 2021
RA Download 28. January 2012
Silk Download 11. November 2010
Stormdrums 2 Pro Download 11. November 2010
Stormdrums 3 Download 04. October 2013
String Machine Download 22. November 2022
Symphonic Choirs ohne Erweiterung Download 11. November 2010
Symphonic Choirs mit Erweiterung und integriertem WordBuilder Download 02. January 2011
Symphonic Orchestra Download 02. January 2011
The Dark Side Download 11. November 2010
Voices of Opera Download 23. May 2021
Voices of Passion Download 11. November 2010
Voices of Soul Download 23. May 2021
Voices of the Empire Download 23. May 2021


The company iZOTOPE would like me to explicitly state that these translations are my own private work and are not official translations of the iZOTOPE company. Under these conditions they agree that I may publish the translations.

Stutter Edit 2 Download


Bioscape Download
Lunaris Download
Lunaris 2 Download
Lunaris 2.1 Download

Nine Volt Audio

Big Bad Guitars Download
Big Bad Guitars direct Download
Melodic Rex Download
Stylus RMX Konvertierungsanweisungen Download
TAIKO Download
Textural REX Download
Textured Guitars Download


Cinematic Guitars Download


Trinity Drums Download
Free Orchestral Chords Download
Free Sustained StringChords Download


Acoustic Saz Download
Ambius 1 Transmission Download
Ambius 1 Transmission V2.0 Download
Ambius 2 Systematik Download
Angklung Download
Antidrum 1 Download
Antidrum 2 Download
Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble Download
Bamblong Download
Bamboo Stick Ensemble Download
Bizarre Sitar Download
Bowed Bucket Download
Breaker Download
Bronze Bin Download
Clack Download
Cylindrum Download
Cymbology 1::Bowed Download
Drinking Piano Download
Electric Saz Download
Emotional Piano Download
Emotional Piano Player Edition Download
Frendo Download
Glass Beach Download
Granny Piano V 2.0 Download
High School Drumcrops Download
Imbibaphones Download
Lakeside Organ Download
Little Epic Percussion Download
Mars Download
Mars 1.5 Download
Mercury Symphonic Boychoir Download
Tuned Artillery Download
M1 Garand Rifle Download
Olympus Mike-Ro Solo Tenor Download
Olympus Micro Choir Download
Olympus Micro Choir V2.0 Download
Phonautograms Download
Requiem Light V2.0 Download
Requiem Light V2.0 Player Edition Download
Requiem Light V2.5 Download
Requiem Light V2.5 Player Edition Download
Rust 1 Download
Rust 1 V2.0 Download
Rust 2 Download
Rust 2 V2.0 Download
Rust 3 Download
Sick 1 Download
Sick 2 Download
Sick 3 Download
Sleighbells Micropak Download
Street Erhu Download
The Musique Box Download
The Struck Grand Download
Tuned Artillery Download
Twine Bass Download
Venus Download
Voice of Gaia: Strawberry Download
Voice of Rapture: The Soprano Download


Titel Version
BBC SO Discover Download 1.8


Wie schreibt man Filmmusik Download


Toontrack does not allow the translation without written consent from their side. Therefore I am unfortunately forced to remove the old manuals. On several mails from my side I never received an answer.


The UAD manuals will no longer receive updates as I have sold my UAD cards and software.

Title Version
UAD Handbuch Download 6.1
UAD System Handbuch Download 6.4
UAD Plug-Ins Handbuch Download 6.4


Titel Version
Colour Copy Download 1.0.1
DIVA Download 1.4.6
Zebra2 Download 2.9.3
ZebraHZ Download 2.9.3
Zebralette Download 2.9.3
Zebra Legacy Soundsets Download